The Local Voice: Internet Radio

Certified ONTV volunteers can produce their own podcast programs! Each program will run on the Local Voice internet radio station (coming soon) and as background sound for our message board slides on Comcast Public Access Channel 10, and Government Access Channel 20. They can also be heard on AT&T Uverse Channel 99.

To get certified, future producers need to complete our Basic Podcasting class. This class is over two consecutive, two hour sessions. It’s a hands-on class that introduces participants to the recording equipment, and podcast production tips.

The Fee is only $25 for residents and non-residents.

Call ONTV to reserve your seat today…248-693-3377.

Certified ONTV Podcast Producers can choose to have their podcasts recorded with video as well! Our internet/Podcast studio is equipped with HD cameras that will allow you and your guests to be heard AND seen! These video podcasts will air on ONTV’s Comcast Public Access Channel 10 and ATT Uverse Channel 99. ONTV will also load your video podcasts up to our Youtube channel where they can be seen around the globe!

Call 248-693-3377 for more information!