Lake Orion Schools Last Day Information

April 26, 2019

Dear LOCS Families:

As we approach May, I wanted to share an update to the Lake Orion Community Schools’ district calendar.

After the multiple snow days, the district applied for, and was granted, a calendar waiver from the Michigan Department of Education. The waiver forgave three more snow days.

Combined with the six that are offered yearly to all schools in the state, LOCS was left with two days that remained necessary to make up due to district-wide school weather closures.

That puts our current school end date at June 18 (and June 21 for Carpenter Elementary, due to its additional missed days for building problems.)

That date is our district plan at this point. But as legislation moves through the state senate, there is a possibility that those two days (June 17-18) could be waived if the current bill passes and is signed by the governor.

Unfortunately we have no control or understanding whether that will happen in time for us to make a definitive calendar change.

So, for now, we are asking our community to operate under the plan that the final two days of the school year will be June 17-18.

Those days are as important for the district as any others in the school year, because student school attendance helps determine the district funding from the state. LOCS needs to have a minimum of 75% of its students in school every day – including those two – to receive credit and the anticipated funding.

If LOCS does not reach the 75% threshold, the state will penalize the district by withholding the funds for those days.

When we shared the previous calendar update two months ago, we hoped to have a resolution by now. We ask that you anticipate your students being in school through June 18 and hopefully we will get some more relief in the near future.

As always, we will share with you as soon as we have anything definitive.

Thank you,

Marion Ginopolis, LOCS Superintendent