County Executive Coulter Signs Balanced Three-Year Budget

County Executive Coulter Signs Balanced Three-Year Budget But Eliminates Procurement Amendment

Pontiac, Michigan – Oakland County Executive David Coulter signed the balanced three-year budget for fiscal years 2020-2022 approved by the Board of Commissioners Wednesday with one exception: He disapproved the professional services amendment to the budget which was added the day of the budget vote.

In a letter to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Coulter said that the amendment “would create legal uncertainty regarding responsibility for the execution of County contracts.

“I believe the language would interfere with my duty under MCL 45.558(1) to supervise, direct, and control the functions of the county departments and to coordinate the various activities of the county and unify the management of its affairs.”

Coulter has directed county executive administration to work with the board of commissioners on an alternative approach that addresses the mutual concerns of the county executive and board of commissioners.

The 2020-2022 Adopted Budget and General Appropriations Act without the amendment takes effect on October 1 when fiscal 2020 begins. See the attached letter for full details.

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