Orion Neighborhood Television is your community media outlet. If you live in the Orion Township area we can teach you how to create your own television program or crew on staff produced programs. We offer training on studio and field equipment, workshops for lighting, editing, and much more.

Our mission is to empower community members and groups to create, communicate and connect through television and video production!

Comcast Channel 10: Public


Offers Public Access volunteer submitted programming, general community events news, concerts, sports and more.

Comcast Channel 20: Government


Provides Government Access with live and On-Dmeand playback coverage of meetings along with the message board posting of agendas and public notices.

Comcast Channel 22: Education


Offers Education Access with a calendar of events for each school in the LOCS district.

LOHS Signing Day

If you missed the LOHS athletes who signed their letters of intent to their college sports teams don’t worry. ONTV will be running the replay. Check the ONTV program guide HERE for air dates. You can also watch the streaming file HERE through the LOHS Dragon Broadcasting site…Click the ON-DEMAND link for access. Congrats to all of the Dragon athletes and their families on this exciting achievement!

9th Annual ONTV Food Drive: Feb 9th 10am-4pm Goal Met!!

Thank you LAke Orion for helping us make our collection goal of 6,000lbs of food for the Oxford/Orion FISH Food Pantry! With out our collection partners and sponsors we’ve would not have achieved our goal! ONTV is still taking donations so stop over to our studio at 1349 Joslyn Rd with those donations.

Save our Right of Ways and ONTV’s Funding!!

We need you to take action!!
The FCC recently drafted new rules regarding our local right of ways, AND local cable franchising. These changes will KILL ONTV’s funding to almost ZERO.

ONTV and other Media Centers are fighting this action.

We’re asking Orion Residents and supporters of ONTV to send us written testimonials of what you love about ONTV’s programming, and/or why you feel it’s important to have community in our town!

These messages will be forwarded to the FCC as record that we in Lake Orion value the 30 plus years of community TV ONTV has provided to our residents. Things that go away if NOTHING is done:
– Live Gavel to Gavel Government meeting coverage
– Youth media literacy camps
– Broadcast internships for local HS and College students
– Technology grants for our school district ($250,000 alone from 2017-2018)
– Support and promotion for local non-profits
– Access to technology to express your 1st amendment rights

With the elimination of franchising…ONTV’s funding will be cut to ZERO!

>Please make your voice be heard!! Contact your elected Washington and Lansing representatives:
Debbie Stabenow PH: (202)224-4822, Gary Peters PH: (202) 224-6221

Tell them to sign on to the FCC letter of opposition by Sen. Ed Markey on the FCC’s FNPR on Cable Franchise fees and In-Kind services

Why Is A Local Media Center Important To a Community?

Community Media Centers are a local resource that help inform, teach, and connect residents. How has your Community Media Center impacted your community? We’d like to hear from you! CLICK HERE to let ONTV know!

See what people from around the country are saying about their local Media Centers.